JB Fitness Mission Statement:

It is my goal through JB Fitness to show others that you can develop a great looking and strong physique naturally, and that you don’t need steroids to succeed and have fun in the fitness industry! I have competed in USPA Drug Tested Powerlifting Meets and will compete in a Drug Tested NPC Bodybuilding Physique Show.

It is not only my goal to promote “Physical Fitness” but also “Spiritual Fitness” which can only be found in Christ.
It is my goal to live by the Bible verse found in Proverbs 16:9 that says, “The mind of man plans his way, But the LORD directs his steps.” Christ is the foundation of everything I do, and it is my faith in Him that gives me hope for tomorrow and a passion to push the limits of what people think can be achieved naturally in the fitness industry! I’m looking forward to what you too can achieve naturally with your God given talent! Always feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have! It is my goal to help you succeed!

Our Team

Josiah Brannon
NASM Certified Personal Fitness Trainer

Josiah Brannon is an National Academy of Sports Medicine
(NASM) Certified Personal Trainer with experience in helping clients improve their Sports Performance, Everyday Functional Fitness, and Bodybuilding. He also competes in USPA Drug Tested Powerlifting & NPC Men’s Physique. He is not only passionate about Fitness, but he promotes living life to the fullest mentally, physically, and spiritually. Read More

Luke Brannon
B.S. Liberal Arts – Biblical Studies (Writer and Researcher)

Luke Brannon is our company writer and researcher. He has over 8 years of athletic and lifting experience. He ran track at LeTourneau University and later switched sports and became the Captain of the LETU Rugby Team. Luke’s rugby experience surrounded him with many teammates who pushed him and helped him in the weight room. Currently he is pursuing a career in firefighting and creates his workout plans in a way that will prepare him for the requirements of the job.

Heidi Pearson
ACE Certified Health Coach
(B.S. in Sports & Health Sciences)

Heidi is a certified health coach with a bachelor’s degree in sports and health sciences.  She specializes in helping women accomplish their health goals through nutritional and lifestyle changes. She enjoys creating healthy meals in the kitchen and working out with her husband.